25.03.2015 г. Lower prices for metal

Market analysis of stainless steel and aluminum

3.06.2014 г. Rise in price of stainless metal continues

 Rise in price of stainless metal continues due to the increased price of nickel on the London Metal Exchange

7.04.2014 г. Heightening the price of stainless steel metal

Increasedprices forstainless steel metalwas due to theappreciation of thecurrency

7.03.2014 г. UKRAINE

United Country
Єдина Країна
Единая Страна


The sharp rise in nickel prices forced manufacturers of rolled stainless steel urgently revise selling prices .
The first time in a very long period of time stocks of nickel on the LME began to decline The price of nickel on the LME according to the outcome of trading January 17, 2014 increased to 14 595 USD / ton, while the price of nickel with a 3-month delivery - up to 14 635 USD / ton.
Oddly enough, but this movement will has beneficial effect on the development of the overall market. Amid rising prices for stainless steel products consumers are stepping up their purchases, so metal-trading companies are able to unload and optimize their inventory, and manufacturers to move to a new comfort level for themselves prices.

24.09.2012 г. The rise in prices for some products

We hasten to warn our customers that the prices will rise soon in sheets of the following types

11.09.2012 г. New Items in stock: aluminum flanges PN 10 (DIN 2642)

Our Company has delivered new metal products to the warehouse. Aluminum flanges PN 10 (DIN 2642) with a diameter of 40 mm to 250 mm are available.

21.07.2011 г. Opened a new stock in t. Kyiv of stainless steel

Company "Metal-Alliance" on August 1, 2011 opened a new stock of stainless steel and aluminum rolled products in Kyiv at Avtozavodskaya 18 (area "Obolon" plant "Kyyivprodmash") will be glad to

20.09.2011 г. Heat-resistant stainless steel 20Х23Н18 AISI (310S)

Heat-resistant stainless steel 20H23N18 AISI (310S) sheets, circles in the assortment. Heat-resistant steel 20Х23Н18 (AISI 310S) has a high adaptability, has a high heat resistance and 

25.11.2011 г. The exhibition Metal-Expo 2011

Our employees have once again visited the International exhibition Metal-Expo in Moscow, which took place from 15/11/2011 to 11/18/2011.