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Ever-increasing transport possibilities and a range of suppliers allowed to open a warehouse in the Kiev region and in several cities like Odessa and Lviv. The aluminium store directly collaborates with well-known European and domestic manufacturers, so the aluminium cost looks the most attractive in Ukraine. 

The "Metal Alliance" company offers rolled aluminium products in rich assortment. We sell high-quality products from the casting and wrought aluminium alloys that may be a matter of interest of both small and large businesses because of the products` price which is the most affordable nowadays. Primary and secondary aluminium are very popular in different areas: the produced aluminum construction volume has increased 50 times for the past 80 years, and the aluminum rolled products production has increased almost 70 times.

To date, one can hardly imagine any industry or sphere of human activity where ore aluminium would be useless. Structural elements of the metal are widely used in the spheres of construction, engineering, shipbuilding, medicine and electrical engineering, food and chemical industries. One can buy aluminium for rather democratic prices in Ukraine, and due to its unique physical and mechanical properties listed below it is very popular all over the country.

The advantages of aluminum:

  • A small volume weight. The price per kg of aluminium is relatively low and thanks to its light weight it is possible to save your money: the manpower, transport costs and construction time reducing.
  • Strength increasing. Composite aluminium has relatively high strength characteristics which is taken into account during the construction process. 
  • The high electrical and thermal conductivity. The aluminium price is now almost four times lower than that of copper, and its electrical conductivity is 1.7 times lower. That is why Ukrainian and Russian aluminium is widely used in electrical engineering.
  • Resistance to corrosive environment. Anodized aluminium has special anticorrosive coating obtained by the electroplating technique using. It protects against air oxidation and mechanical damages.
  • Ductility. The A7th aluminium is used for the foil and rivets production as it has a rather high plasticity rate. The A5th aluminium is used for the welding and tension-band wire production, for sheets, strips and flat bars manufacture.
  • Security. Food aluminium is being constantly used in everyday life since the metal is considered to be clean and safe.

The "Metal Alliance" company offers casting, corrugated and smooth aluminium. We always have a variety of pure metals and alloys available at any time. There are the following goods in assortment: aluminium flange, pipes, tape and rolled section steel. The company was founded in 2004. 
If you want to buy aluminium foil, please do not hesitate to contact us. The main office is located in Lutsk but the goods delivery is possible all over Ukraine. One can order aluminium from Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and other cities.